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Our career services teams work with hundreds of employers who turn to SJVC to fill their open positions. With job search guidance, resume review, and interview tips, we can help you become the type of person that companies want to hire.


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At SJVC, you get the classes you need so you can graduate on time. Since we offer morning, afternoon and evening classes, you can choose what works best for you. Many students continue to work and spend time with family while completing their program.


Accelerated Programs

Our programs are focused on job skill training so you get fast-paced, quality preparation for your future career. You will take courses in 5 and 10 week terms that keep you focused on the important topics.


Earn an Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology in as few as 19 months.

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3 Reasons Students Prefer SJVC

Study identification, behavior, care, and husbandry of domestic species. Practice safe animal capture, handling, and restraint techniques as well as essential veterinary nursing skills.

Animal Nursing Fundamentals

Diagnostic Imaging

Perform diagnostic x-rays in a veterinary setting. Learn how to properly restrain animals, process films and verify image accuracy.

Laboratory Procedures

Practice routine examinations of blood, urine, feces, and cytology from a variety of species. Learn how to properly handle lab equipment and lab samples.

Train to Work as a Veterinary Technician

SJVC's  Veterinary Technology program prepares students with the skills to help animals when they need it most. This in-depth training covers animal patient care including lab tests, radiology procedures and surgical procedures. Our students gain the hands-on skills and professionalism required to become successful veterinary technicians.

Graduates earn an Associate of Science degree and are immediately eligible to work as a Veterinary Assistant. This program holds full accreditation by the American Veterinary Medical Association
(AVMA), qualifying students to sit for the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE) after graduation. Upon successful completion of the VTNE, graduates are eligible to obtain state licensure and work as a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). For more information, please visit

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SJVC does not recruit or enroll residents of the European Union.

Copyright © 2019 San Joaquin Valley College®. All rights reserved. SJVC does not recruit or enroll residents of the European Union.